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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Jacques de Koninck

This gift of music for the sacred season, rekindles the essence and original spirit of Christmas past. In his signature majestic style, De Koninck presents many traditional favorites, such as "Silent Night", "Hark The Herald Angels Sing", and "Joy To The World". These and other timeless favorites will make your Christmas memories the spirit of Christmas today.


  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Tino Izzo

The entire CD is full of thoughtful, humanizing touches, from a bit of bottleneck slide here to a hint of blues there. O Holy Night echoes metallically against a delicate piano starscape, then flings across the sky like a comet. The album closes by deftly joining Amazing Grace and Auld Lang Syne so seamlessly in a medley, that one is sure that no one else but Tino Izzo could pull it off.

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