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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Tim Clement

Tim Clement of the famous duo Danna and Clement presents an unprecedented jubilation of exotic, electronic and ethnic influences. Explore the soundscapes of African and Oriental villages, Irish moorlands, native dance rituals and worlds yet unknown. Clement has orchestrated an exotic fluid aural landscape… you don't listen to Waterstation… you become immersed in it.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Echoes Of Incas

This evocative collection of lyrical and festive instrumentals portrays the vibrant culture of the Andes. Combining traditional instruments with modern guitar and keyboards, the earthy tones of Andean culture meld with world music in an exciting and authentic sound. It is the music of unspeakable mysteries.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Echoes Of Incas

Finalist of the New Age Voice Award
"Best Contemporary World CD".

A dynamic blend of traditional and ancient music of the Andean/South-American culture. In this exhilarating album, you'll hear the zampona, panpipes, quena flute, bongos, ocarinas, rattles, whistles, shakers, and a small guitar-like charango with 10 strings fashioned from an armadillo shell. These stirring heart-felt melodies and energetic rhythms will gladden and inspire.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Tim Clement & Kim Deschamps

Languid steel guitars, bleusy accordion and soulful woodwinds echo the call of the wild, while exotic percussion and minimalist strains remind us of our post-modern experience. Jazzis reports that "Wolf Song Night" brings some needed texture and breadth to ambient music… this is space music with the raw roots of folk music and atmospheres not for the faint hearted. This is a frank unvarnished musical narrative.