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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<

Artist: Hudson Chamber Ensemble

Crystal award of distinction for best original music
-presented by 2000 communicator award

Award of distinction for best illustration
-presented by 2000 communicator award

Recapture through the power of music one of the most compelling figures in all of human history, the story of Joan Of Arc as it weaves together truth and legend, faith and destiny, courage and sacrifice, devotion and humility. Featuring original 15th century chamber music plus three heartwarming female vocal tracks, one sung in Olde French and one in Latin. Includes a 16-page story-booklet of historical value.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Hudson Chamber Ensemble

Visionary Award Winner
"Best New Age Music CD"

Take a musical journey to the time of Nostradamus, the mystical visionary who foresaw some of histories most startling events, and experience the chamber music that was popular in his time, and which may even have fueled and informed his astounding visions of the future. Primary instruments include bassoon, oboe, English horn, and clarinet. Over one year in the making.

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