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Like a potent elixir comprised of varied ingredients, the Hudson Chamber Ensemble combines many musical tastes to come up with a very potent mixture. The members, consisting of Patrick Vetter on clarinet, Josée Marchand on English horn and oboe, and Alain Thibault on bassoon, were all formally trained.

Patrick, a very respected and sought after wind instrument specialist has performed with artists such as Céline Dion, Tony Bennett, Michel Legrand, Aretha Franklin, John Scofield, Natalie Cole, and Kenny Rogers to name a few.

Josée, having studied at the Julliard School of Music in New York, has played with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the McGill Chamber Orchestra, as well as the Orchestre Métropolitain De Montréal.

Alain's studies at the Montreal Conservatory of Music resulted in taking first prize for bassoon and for chamber music. His reward was a scholarship at the Banff Arts Centre and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Since then, Alain has performed with the McGill Chamber Orchestra, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, and L'Orchestre Métropolitain De Montréal.

Having always been enthralled by the musical period of the Renaissance, a time when new concepts and hope for a brave new world flourished, Patrick, Josée and Alain formed a Renaissance chamber group to make a series of recordings of the period together. This resulted in the Award Winning album "NOSTRADAMUS", the first album of the new Musica Mystica series whose goal is to highlight the musical environments surrounding the lives of famous mystics, visionaries, explorers and inventors of the past.