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As a convincingly accomplished guitarist whose wide ranging and persuasively brilliant style clearly aims to please more than impress, Rob Allen's uniquely melodic voicings set him apart from the bulk of today's instrumentalists.

A native of Santa Barbara, California born in 1960, he began, in contrast to most of his contemporaries, by studying classical music at the age of 9, moving from there on to jazz, and finally venturing into rock and pop music. Relocating to Los Angeles in 1983 after saturating the local music scene with regular club performances and dates in local studios and orchestra pits, he started composing and forming a number of original
bands, leading to a performance with VINX (percussionist for sting), who later signed Allen to his record label. Going on to become lead guitarist for MELISSA ETHERIDGE on her 1992-93 World Tour, he has made appearances on The Tonight Show, Late Night With David Letterman, The Arsenio Hall Show and Hangin' with MTV, among

One of the factors affecting Rob Allen's singularly personal sound and warm, singing guitar tone may be that he actually hand-builds his own instruments, tailored to his own needs and constructed from raw materials. He is repeatedly called upon to perform at guitar clinics and trade shows such as NAMM for such companies as Seymour Duncan et al, where his skills as a guitarist have been praised by the likes of

Rob's signing to the CHACRA label, sets the groundwork for "MYSTERIOUS MEASURES", His first instrumental solo-works, which will focus on Allen's international appeal as a guitarist's guitarist.

While at home in Los Angeles, Allen performs locally with contemporaries that include members of the BONNIE RAITT group, DON HENLEY and SIMPLE MINDS, and has been a contributing columnist for Guitar Player Magazine.