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Celebrating its 25th year as an independent record company, label and distributor, CHACRA MUSIC has received Canadian gold, platinum and double platinum awards.
In 1999 CHACRA won first prize for “Best New Age Music CD Of The Year” and “Best World Music CD Of The Year” at the Denver International New Age Tradeshow. In 2000 CHACRA won Visionary Awards for “Best Original Music” and “Best Original Illustration”. Over 1 million records (and counting) of CHACRA’S “Pachelbel With Ocean Sounds” have been sold internationally.

With licensing partners in North America, Europe, Asia and around the world, CHACRA maintains a vast pipeline to sales. CHACRA’S website promotes artists and recordings while racking up additional international sales.

It’s affiliate CHACRA MUSIC LICENSING offers its clients the licensing rights for use of its recordings on commercial CD releases, motion picture/video and television productions, premiums and incentives, advertising, ringtones and other musical enhancements for cellular (mobile) telephones.

CHACRA MUSIC LICENSING redefines the traditional approach to licensing by offering one-stop shopping that provides creative support as well as access to fast and reliable high quality CD/DVD manufacturing.